Qualcomm still three years behind the smartphone’s cutting edge #

Via VentureBeat:

As he told it on [Charlie] Rose’s interview show tonight, Jacobs then took his personal Newton over to Palm, taped it to a Palm Pilot brochure (which was shaped just like one of the company’s PDAs), and began negotiations to put Palm’s operating system in a Qualcomm-powered smartphone

That device ended being the Qualcomm PDQ, which has long been forgotten (it doesn’t even have its own Wikipedia entry) but remains an important milestone in the journey to the smartphone as we know it. The PDQ could be considered the first smartphone, since it combined a mobile (and app-focused) operating system with cellular connectivity.

Really? The pdQ was released in July 199 (Palminfocenter). Both the HP 700LX and the Nokia 9000 Communicator were both released in Feb 1996. I think that’s a little bit of history re-writing before a keynote at CES from Qualcomm’s CEO.

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