How to make the most popular Darts score 24 and not 26 #

There’s a new design of Dartboard being tested this week at the World Championships

In a standard dartboard, low numbers are placed next to high ones, so as to penalize players who miss their targets. That’s why the 20, for example, is next to the 1 and the 5… Now David Percy, Professor of Mathematics at Salford University, has added to the debate by designing a dartboard that adds two more constraints:

The numbers go odd-even-odd-even all the way round the board.
Similar clusters are spread around the board as evenly as possible.

David says the new dartboard will make most difference at the end of a game, when the rules are that a player must finish on a double.

More likely it will demote 26 from three darts (5+20+1, the top three numbers on the current board) which is currently the most popular bad score, to 24 (3+20+1), killing running averages across the UK in pub tournaments.

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