Don’t believe Windows Phone 8, it doesn’t do back-ups #

One of my pieces on All About Windows Phone:

Windows Phone 8 does not back-up your device. It backs up a list of your applications and the global settings in your phone. Social network accounts tied into the People Hub are synced with your Live account, so they can be easily restored (including the address book and calendars), but that’s about it. Putting a Windows Phone back to the condition it was before a reset is nigh-on impossible.

In this day and age, am I wrong in thinking that this is unacceptable? Or does the fact that the restore does remember the theme colour I chose make it alright?

One Response to “Don’t believe Windows Phone 8, it doesn’t do back-ups”

  1. Nirave says:

    It also does Text Message backup, in fact does it better than any other OS. I’ve had two WP8 devices at the same time and a message sent to one appeared on the other pretty quickly. That being said, iCloud remains the only TRUE backup and restore service.