Kim Dotcom and Mega are walking a fine line

So Kim Dotcom’s strategy with Mega is going to be ‘because it was encrypted we’ll have no idea if it’s ‘copyrighted’ material, so we’ll be innocent’?

It’s a brave one, but it seems founded on the idea that he can wait out any court case in New Zealand, because I’m pretty sure there’ll be a strong argument for inducement from those with vested interests. How well will this play with DMCA requests and Safe Harbour rules? Surely every link with a public key attached to it (so it can be shared via a URL) will no longer have the ‘but it’s encrypted’ argument.

On the other hand, founder Kim Dotcom will have had a few lawyers look over the arrangements, he’s got the swagger needed to get his story out to the world, and encrypted storage is a neat idea with lots of positive implications for society.

At some point, this is going to lead to a spectacle requiring a huge amount of popcorn for spectators. Best of luck to him!

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