When would you mix Popera with Death? For the Eurovision Song Contest! #

For most people, Eurovision is something that happens one Saturday night in May. For others, there’s a build up to three shows, with the two midweek semi-finals. But for other people (like myself) it’s a year-long competition, with national heats, semi-finals, and lots of ‘Song for Europe’ style National Finals across the continent.

Sometimes these Finals have rather middle of the road inoffensive numbers that are nice, but no more. Sometimes you find a gem or two that simply fails to win, and is lost in time. And some songs are just amazing. Such as Norway last night smashing some pop-opera together with something just about representing accessible death metal.

Let’s just say that the fans of the Abba-esque schlager sound aren’t rooting for Gromth (ft Emil Solli-Tangen) to win Norway’s selection process. Personally I’m rooting for it…

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