Never Gonna Give [Audiosurf Tilt on the Zune HD] Up #

There’s a lot to like about Microsoft’s last portable media player, the Zune HD. They got the hardware right, they got the PC connectivity and syncing right, they got podcast support right, and it’s still the player I reach for when going on a long trip and I want to be one hundred percent sure that I’ll have music from my door in Edinburgh to the hotel room in Austin.

Where they missed was in application support. The Zune HD could run XNA games, but they never made the jump to Windows Phone along with the other tools. Which means that one of the greatest casual games, Audiosurf Tilt, is locked away, and many gamers will never know this delightful mix of Wipeout, Dance Dance Revolution, and those three lane :CD ‘game and watch’ games you’ve seen in a museum (or my bottom drawer).

Audiosurf Air, using the Unity game engine, has been announced.

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