What’s the drive going to be like accelerating at 3G to 1000mph? #

Andy Green, the driver who’ll hit 1000mph in a car if all goes well, on acceleration and the design of Bloodhound:

It [the monocoque of the car] also has to provide the strength in the centre of our six-tonne vehicle and withstand some pretty extreme forces: aerodynamic loads of up to 12 tonnes per square metre, and acceleration and deceleration loads of up to 3g (three times the force of gravity).

To picture 3g, imagine driving at 60mph – and then stopping dead in one second. That’s a 3g¬†deceleration. You’ll rapidly realise that the only way to achieve this is to crash into something (don’t try this at home) – and Bloodhound is going to be subjected to this much load on every high-speed run.

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