Don’t tell American Broadcasters about the streaming in Apartment 23 #

Another American TV show cancelled (this time it’s the bowdlerises ‘Don’t Trust The B****** In ApArtment 23′), and once more the entire blame is placed on the time-slot given to it by the network.

In totally unrelated news, Tristan Louis looks at how many US TV shows from 2012 are available on catch-up through services like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon online. 22%, 16%, and 6% on the respective services.

THe idea of appointment viewing on TV, outside of sports and other live events (such as the Olympics, Eurovision, and a Royal Wedding) is increasingly irrelevant. Marketing, providing legal (and measurable) ways to watch online, and building up the TV equivalent of 1000 Fans – I wonder how many fans a show needs, compared to a gigging band?

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