Ubuntu Mobile is fracturing design to create a sense of community inclusion #

I’m not sure how much I agree with Ubuntu’s idea to outsource the wireframes of the core Ubuntu Mobile apps to the community, and then have the selected designs used to guide the actual applications. Those that are falling under this remit are YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, RSS Reader, File Manager, Calendar, Clock/Alarm, Weather, Calculator, E-Mail Client, Document Viewer, and the Terminal app.

(Seriously you need to design terminal? It’s a black screen, a blinking line, and its meant to be scary!)

Mu issue is this. Any operating system that works has a consistency of vision over all the applications. Not just the first party apps, but the third-party apps as well. The design should be baked in at the very start of the process, and a design language designed, written, and used as a bible by everyone on the project will lead to a great platform. That should derive from one man.

If Ubuntu were opening up the design language to community discussion, I would be very happy. As it is I worry that there are going to be too many core apps developed in isolation, which will weaken the platform.

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