How can Mitch Benn prove his Comic Relief album is genuine? #

Mitch Benn plans to write, record, and publish an album in twenty four hours for Comic Relief. His big question at the moment? How to prove it’s genuine:

How do I prove that I’m doing it for real?  How do I demonstrate that I’m not just recording stuff which I’ve “written” previously and memorised?

Those of you who’ve seen me live will probably have seen me do That Thing I Do where I get suggestions from the audience at the end of part one, write something quickly during the interval and play it at the start of part two.  What we need is some way – some verifiable way – of opening that process up to the public.  What I’ll need is either enough suggestions for at least ten songs (the album has to come in at over 30 minutes – whether this means ten three minute songs or twelve two and a half minute songs I’ll likely decide on the day) or maybe ten/twelve suggested song titles.  I’ll need some way of moderating this so that I can prove that I don’t see those suggestions/titles until 9am on the day.

Any thoughts you might have as to how I can achieve this, please email me at

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