On reaching two hundred episodes of the Eurovision Insight Podcast #

I’ve been involved with a number of long-running podcasts (and a few ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’ shorter run shows), but I wanted to take a moment to watch the episode counter tick over and reach ’200′ on my Eurovision Song Contest podcast (iTunes link). That’s a lot of weekly shows (although for the two weeks leading up to the Contest in May it does switch to a daily schedule) and looking back on the path it has taken me on, I’m really proud of them all.

I didn’t do anything ‘special’ for this show as it’s the middle of the Eurovision Song Contest season. You might think it’s one show in May, but there are thirty-nine countries all looking to select a song through countless live TV shows, radio auditions, online voting, and a few committees behind closed doors, and that all started back in December, so there was a small mention at the top of this week’s show, and then on with the mix of news, editorial, and music that has been part of the show over the last four years.

But I’m conscious that the show delivers a great service to a highly distributed audience around the world, has opened many doors for me (including a number of commissioned shows broadcast nationally by SBS in Australia), let me travel around Europe and visit destinations I would never have considered or reached otherwise (the delights of Yerevan and the Armenian winter spring to mind), and I’m glad the podcast (and the associated website) has been welcomed as a small part of the Eurovision Song Contest community.

Now excuse me, I need to pack my bags and catch a flight from London Stanstead so I can go to the ‘Song for Europe’ selection shows in Germany, Austria, and Hungary this weekend.

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