Webkit 1: Opera: 0 #

Opera is switching to WebKit to render web pages. Essentially, that’s game over for the web, argues John Herman:

It’s also the same engine that underpins both Mobile Safari on the iPhone and iPad and the default browser in Android — the two most popular mobile browsers by far. WebKit, in other words, has orchestrated and executed one of the largest, and quietest, coups in tech history…

WebKit’s dominations is also an early death knell for web standards as we know them today. When following official World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards is in developers’ best interest — when it ensures their sites will work for most people — web standards have power. When there’s a true WebKit monopoly, that power shifts to WebKit and the browsers that use it. In international relations terms, the W3C is the UN, and WebKit is a growing empire that controls a majority of its member countries.

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