We all loved BlackBerry, so BB10 and the Z10 gets a chance #

Some of my thoughts on the love in the room for BlackBerry, and not Windows Phone, over on All About Windows Phone:

Anyone watching the online coverage of smartphones over the last month can’t have helped but notice something peculiar. There’s a huge amount of love in the room for BlackBerry (formerly Research in Motion) and their ‘comeback’ smartphone the Z10. That love has given BlackBerry a fair amount of leeway over many issues in the handset (not least battery life and the unfocused UI elements), and I can’t help wondering how Windows Phone’s last two years would have been with the same love in the room.

I still think that part of this is the legacy of the first BlackBerry handsets with their messaging system being one of the first push email systems that worked out in the wild. The romance of that, even though almost every handset out there in 2013 has the same capacity, means that BlackBerry is looked on like a first love.

3 Responses to “We all loved BlackBerry, so BB10 and the Z10 gets a chance”

  1. rustyknight17 says:

    What do u mean by unfocused UI elements ?

  2. Ewan Spence says:

    To start with, how some apps use a back key, others use the same location on the menu bar as the ‘we have info on the side tab’. Different base functionality in the same hot spot area

  3. rustyknight17 says:

    First , u r aware , I trust , that Blackberry 10 just launched 2 weeks ago ? And that it`s a new OS ? Of course there r some issues ! But I contend that Blackberry did a fantastic job , the issues r pretty much minor and nowhere close to the issues iOS , android ,and for that matter , WP7 had when they started . of course , it`s all in what u need …
    Let`s take the UI first . AIUI the few apps that vary from standard BB10 back procedure r all Android ports , at least , the ones I`ve seen in reviews and my brief play with the Z10 .
    As for battery life , compared to what ? Legacy BB phones and older ( s60 and earler ) Symbian , sure !But compared to modern smartphones with their multitude of of battery sucking features , the Z10 is , at worst no worse than its rivals …
    And yes , of course there`s a lot of love for Blackberry and the Z10 ! The Z10 is a great phone and Blackberry has long been known for producing capable phones . And they STill have 80 million users , all hard core BB fans ! What`s so peculiar about that ?
    I find it interesting that the naysayers seem , with a few exceptions , to be chiefly either peole ingterested in influencing Blackberry stocks , ex Blackberry users who realise they messedup or fanboys who correctly perceive a threat to their cherished OS . hmmmmm/…