What if Windows Blue wasn’t a colour, but a number? #

MG Siegler:

So Windows Blue is actually Windows 6.3. Windows 7 was Windows 6.1. Windows Phone 8 is version 8.0. This is all just so perfectly Microsoft. As if the consumer branding wasn’t bad enough, the internal numerical scheme is a clusterfuck as well.

One Response to “What if Windows Blue wasn’t a colour, but a number?”

  1. Win4 was v4. Win5 (XP) was v5, New driver model. Win6 (Vista) was a major revision, but broke the driver model which was supposed to be compatible with the previous version. To stop that happening again, Win7 was Win 6.1 and Win8 desktop is Win 6.2.
    They had a slight sense of humour though, XP’s internal build number was 2600 ;)