Is the only true upgrade to Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 7? #

I want to trust Windows Phone implicitly. Right now I can’t do that. Looking around the current choices of smartphone, there are handsets and operating systems that I trust at various levels, but I’ve yet to feel the same connected way as I did with Nokia’s Symbian-powered N95 8GB. Along with millions of others, I’m still happy to use Windows Phone, but I find it a fragile relationship that could easily be undermined by another platform. As Windows Phone approaches the critical point in the two year contract cycles and people are looking to renew, it’s this trust that will see help renew with the platform for another two years – or move on to something else.

More thoughts on this by myself over on All About Windows Phone.

2 Responses to “Is the only true upgrade to Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 7?”

  1. rustyknight17 says:

    I agree , MS has trled this non upgradeable thing once already ! Then there`s the MS abandoning WM , and their WM users , ncluding me , for WP . Third , not to forget that WP is not quite up to Bellle standrads . Nor will Nokia make a QWERTY lUMIA , DESPITE a poll on Conversations indicating that 40% of respondents asked for it ! There , rant complete lol !

  2. Hey Ewan.

    Like Windows 8 it took me time to find my feet with Windows Phone 8. I’m glad I stuck it out.

    Lack of app support is the platform’s Achilles heel.

    But that matters naught. WP8 will never achieve mass penetration because it isn’t trendy or customizable.

    Which is ironic because it’s the fact it works and is wholly dependable that makes it a hit with me.