How the Millennium Falcon decided the height of every Star Wars figure #

The Logbook looks at the design issues Kenner faced with the first Star Wars toys:

Kenner’s designers had to come up with the Falcon first for a very simple reason: the scale of the vehicle would determine the scale of the figures. Prior to Star Wars, it was generally accepted that action character toys aimed for boys were along the lines of the foot-tall G.I. Joe toys. Obviously, a Millennium Falcon scaled for that kind of figure would have been less an action vehicle and more of a piece of furniture. With a certain price point in mind for the Falcon, the vehicle was scaled down until it wouldn’t cost Kenner too much to produce and wouldn’t cost mom and dad too much to buy – and that, more than anything, determined the 3 3/4″ scale of the figures that would fit inside it.

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