Clive Burr, 8 March 1957- 12 March 2013 #

After a long battle with multiple sclerosis, Clive Burr (former drummer in Iron Maiden) died last night.

Steve Harris:

This is terribly sad news. Clive was a very old friend of all of us. He was a wonderful person and an amazing drummer who made a valuable contribution to Maiden in the early days when we were starting out. This is a sad day for everyone in the band and those around him and our thoughts and condolences are with his partner Mimi and family at this time.

I have two strong memories of Burr. The first was attending the charity concert put on by the band in 2002 to help raise funds for their ex-drummer, which Vikki and I were at (and technically Eilidh was there as well, as Vikki was five month pregnant).

The second was in a dark and dingy pub on Blackhorse Road, watching an Iron Maiden tribute band run through most of the band’s early work. Standing next to me for the second half of the gig, watching a drummer on stage being Clive Burr, was Clive Burr. The drummer on stage met with his approval, but in his words they were nowhere near “as over the top” as Maiden had been in that period.

I don’t think any other band will reach that high water mark – but if they do they’ll need a drummer as good as Burr.

Up the Irons.

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