Can rock radio survive the onslaught of Pandora, Spotify, and the rest? #

Some interesting thoughts from Michele Catalano on FM radio’s struggle against streaming music services online. It does have a focus on the Rock radio stations, and has a huge American focus, but nevertheless a lot to think about.

Jacobs is right with his point that you can’t get that local flavor online. As much as you can program your own stations, make your own playlists and design your internet radio to fit your own style, there’s still that one thing missing: the human connection. Even if a brand like Slacker Radio has actual human DJs, the personal connection one has with a local DJ is missing and that’s where FM rock radio still has the upper hand.

The online experience has made radio a different game. Stations are not just competing with each other anymore, but competing with a changing technology that has the industry rearranging and reinventing itself over and over again.

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