Reviewing the all-rounder that is the Lumia 620 #

The Lumia 620, Nokia’s mid to low range Windows Phone 8 handset, is a pretty attractive prospect:

[It's] not that threatening a smartphone. Its svelte size combined with the live tiles make it easy to use for those starting out on a smartphone path, and while the smartphone geeks of the world aren’t going to throw away their existing handsets, I can see a lot of them picking up the Lumia 620 just to see what all the Windows Phone fuss is about, and use it as a second handset.

If you want the definition of an good all-round smartphone for a smart price, then I don’t think you need to look beyond the Lumia 620. It hits just above average in the hardware and software stakes, and it excels at just one thing – being great value for money.

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