First thoughts on Firefox OS and the Keon handset #

Been tinkering with the Firefox OS powered Keon for a week now, and you can find my write-up over on Forbes:

Dusting down my HTML5 skills, I have to agree with Heilmann. The Keon, although it shows a huge amount of promise, is not a handset you would hand to a family member or recommend to a colleague in the office. What it will give you is a head start in developing HTML5 apps optimised for the Firefox OS platform. Mozilla are banking on this being a platform with a huge amount of reach, and now is the time to get ready for that launch if you’re confident in Mozilla’s predictions of uptake and distribution. Neither will the effort go to waste, as HTML5 is a very transportable skill.

Firefox OS has a huge number of practical hurdles to overcome, but in terms of building developer excitement in the platform they’ve made a lot of smart moves, including the Keon. it might still be a tool, but it’s a tool that has very few rough edges. From a technical viewpoint, Firefox OS is doing everything right, and I’m watching the project with a lot of interest, both from a professional point of view, and also from a geeky hobbyist point of view as well. It’s been a while since I sat down to work on an mobile application. Even though I know it’s not the same as native code access to a device, the speed and ease of Firefox OS appeals to me.

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