Content farms, old school journalism, and Formula One #

Joe Saward, a decidedly old school journalist who has strong views on the modern web and sports reporting

The secret of the F1 media is that it is like a pond. If you drop a stone in the middle, the waves will radiate outwards. The middle is made up the relatively small group of reporters, most of them English. The vast majority of F1 websites have no access at all to the F1 paddock and they are simply part of the ripples on the F1 pond, taking the story from the centre and spreading it.

I should flag up at this point that one of Saward’s income streams is a subscription based PDF magazine/newsletter that he publishes a few hours after each F1 Grand Prix, and his blog is his shop window. When people talk about weird and wonderful methods of blogging, sometimes the old-fashioned methods, such as Saward’s, are far more appealing… and profitable.

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