On Kickstarters about two people, neither of whom are called Blake #

I get a lot of Kickstarter projects emailed to me (probably in an attempt by the projects to get me to mention them on my blog here, or on Twitter, Facebook, Forbes, All About, etc). I tend to read them, and reply with a ‘tell me when it’s finished’ email. But sometimes a project catches my eye outside of the pitches. That’s hen I’m happy to support them

So look over ‘The Wife and Blake’, the sequel from the team behind ‘The Wife in Space’, which saw a long-term Doctor WHo fan (Neil Perryman) write-up his wife’s comments on watching every episode of classic Doctor Who (which she had never seen before. At all).

Season Two, as it were, is not the new episodes of Doctor Who, but the Terry Nation Che Guevera inspired ‘Blake’ 7′. Assuming the kickstarter actually gets off the ground.

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