Forget the howls of ‘it’s just an iPhone 5′, just review the iPhone 5c #

I would love to see the breakdown (eventually) on the iPhone 5c sales. I suspect that all the geekerati jumped on the 5s initially, and the 5c will sell on a ‘slow burn’ to everyone else. I’m not one to dismiss it out of hand, and I’ve given it a full review this weekend over on Forbes.

Replacing the iPhone 5 has coloured the online viewpoint of the iPhone 5c, making it a cheaper iPhone 5 with the plastic case replacing the metal covering of the earlier models, while retaining the majority of the internals. In fact the iPhone 5c has several advantages over the 2012 flagship in hardware and software. Because the iPhone 5c can be marketed as a new smartphone, it’s a far more attractive handset to retail stores and consumers than a twelve month old iPhone 5.

Read the full review here.

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