Flappy Bird disappears, but Google’s mobile advertising inventory will grow #

Now that everyone on the planet knows that Flappy Bird was earning the author $50,000 a day (that’s set in stone, no matter what the numbers say), every developer is going to try and replicate that success. Not the big boys, but the bedroom coders and the hobbyists will think that ‘the next title’ will be the one to make it big.

And they’ll carry on churning out countless ad-supported games that bring in maybe $100 in total for a ridiculously low per hour rate for the developer.

In the meantime , Google slices a significant percentage off the top of every single banner space. For them it’s not a $100 game, it’s an aggregation game for ad inventory on mobile. The next million or seven will be distributed around millions of developers, while Google reaps the rewards of a ‘success myth’ that sound remarkably like the old ‘record label / new talent’ days.

Coding really is the new Rock and Roll.

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