About Ewan Spence

Hi there, and welcome to my little corner of the web. In fact you’ll find me in a lot of corners in the web, but my blog is where I try to bring everything together. First of all, I take my tea black (one sugar) but my coffee white (and two sugars), and will drink Coca-cola when I’m on a massive writing kick, otherwise I can’t stand the stuff. Buy me Irn-Bru and you’ll be on safe ground.

Over on the right-hand sidebars, you’ll find links out to content that I’ve found notable on the web (Interesting Links), my last five Twitters (think of it as a status update mixed with chat to friends), pictures I’ve recently taken (Latest Flickr Pics), and some of my favourite articles on this website. Next to those is content I produce around the web, including my comedy/stand-up video podcasts, the twice weekly Rock Music Radio Show, and the PSP Podcast. And my website has a direct line into my iTunes so you can see what I’m currently listening to.

Ewan Spence

I was born in late November 1974 (and not dead yet), I’m Scottish, and have the kilt to prove it - the chances are if you’ve seen someone at a Web conference in a proper kilt, it was me. I grew up in Cowdenbeath, and studied Computing, Physics, Artificial Intelligence and Nursing at both Dundee and Edinburgh University. When I’m not traveling to conferences and massive tech events, I’m based in Edinburgh, writing around the intersection of the internet, technology, mobility and how it affects us all. I continue to write for All About Symbian, and have done so since the site was launched with Rafe Blandford. All About Symbian is the largest independent website for Symbian powered mobile phones and related technology, hardware and software.

I started my involvement with podcasting in November 2004, and helped launch The Podcast Network with Cameron Reily on Feb 14th 2005. At that time it was the first commercial podcast network, and today it continues to grow, with over 85 shows available. You can listen to me regularly on TPN Rock (unsigned bands podcast) and The PSP Show. My podcasting coverage of The Edinburgh Festival Fringe was nominated for a BAFTA (New Creative Media, Scotland) in 2005.

I am known for my strong views on mobile technology and ensuring accessibility to all; a love of trivia; the new media landscape on the internet; the effect technology and communication will have on the public conscious and existing businesses. I have spoken at numerous training days seminars, conferences and industry events around the world.

My contact details are here… and the mini-lego-me avatar is by Chris Doyle from Reasonably Clever.