October 27, 2006

Iain Promises A New Theme Tune

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It’s no surprise I listen to other podcasts than those signed to TPN. One of my favourties has to be Iain Foulds Unsigned Rock Podcast, and shocking news from him today. He’s promising a new theme tune for next week. Theme tunes (in my mind) play an important part in any show. It immediatly gives your listeners a heads up on what up, a badge of recognition. I hope he trades up to something with as much punch as the show.

I wonder if it’ll be welsh?

October 23, 2006

TPN Survey Intermediate Results

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The TPN Listener Survey is still ongoing so if you haven’t yet taken a few minutes out of your day to give us a hand… why not? If you listen to any podcasts, then it is relevant. Anyway, the now West Coast USA living Cameron has posted some of the early conclusions.

  • Most people say that, on average, they listen to “most or all” of podcasts
  • About a third pay attention to ads in podcasts, but another third ignore them
  • 50% would be willing to pay >$1 a month to listen to TPN podcasts
  • The breakdown between people listening on a PC versus a portable player is moving away from the PC, with 75% listening on a portable device
  • Nobody first heard of TPN via the mainstream media
  • The vast majority say they trust the opinions of TPN hosts either “very much” or “somewhat” and 70% trust TPN hosts more than they trust mainstream media (which might shut up all the journos who love to say “you can’t trust blogs”… nah who am I kidding… )
  • Almost all of you relate to TPN hosts more than you relate to mainstream media hosts, yet again demonstrating the power of citizen media
  • Two-thirds listen to less traditional radio since discovering podcasting (I should have asked what percentage of the podcasts you listen to are traditional radio shows versus citizen media… next time)
  • Two-thirds find citizen media more stimulating than mainstream media
  • …and, overwhelmingly, you are Beatles persons who disagree with the Iraq invasion and are worried about climate change. In other words, you haven’t been fooled by the propaganda campaigns on these issues run by your Governments and the corporations that run them. I am very proud of you.
  • October 17, 2006

    Cameron Leaving on a Jet Place - Oz Media Reports Same

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    Over in Australlia, NineMSN’s publication ‘The Bulletin’ reports on how Australlian Entrepenuers are turning their back on the Australlian VC funds and hightailing it to the west coast of America to get realistic funding on their businesses. Naturally, they turned to Cameron Reilly and The Podcast Network as the atypical Web 2.0 Oz company having problems. Those of you not keeping up with Cameron’s blog should realise that he’ll be landing in San Francisco late October to attend meetings and doing, well… what do you think!

    October 13, 2006

    Take The TPN Survey

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    One of the most incredibly useful things for any company, is to ask their consumers what they think. And that’s what The TPN Survey is all about. If you could spare five minutes (even if you don’t listen to any of mt podcasts or other TPN podcasts) it would be very much appreciated.

    October 11, 2006

    The Podcast Network Featured in iTunes

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    One of the things that was mentioned many a time at the PME is how we podcasters should all be working togehter and helping each other. And while quite a few people want to kick Apple, they’ve opened up opodcasting to more consumers than any other endeavour. So seeing TPN there…

    TPN now

    …makes me very happy.

    October 6, 2006

    iProng Music Panel Podcast (From PME)

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    One thing at the PME which was super-enjoyable (beyond the naked body painted crew from Sacramento Podcast Productions - Hi Marcia, Cassie and I think, Christina) was the iProng panel disccusion on podcasting and the music industry. Joining me on the panel were CC Chapmans (who I think you know) and Slau, a music producer who was behind the podsafe Christmas song last year.

    I’ll let iProng introduce it before you listen.

    …the iProng Radio music panel at Podcast expo featured C.C. Chapman of Accident Hash and U-Turn Cafe, Ewan Spence of TPN Rock and The Podcast Network, and performer/music producer Slau. These very opinionated music podcasters and enthusiasts weighed in on the stupidity of record labels, and the need for caution when playing music on your podcast without permission…it’s a bad idea, don’t do it!

    Download the mp3 - Visit iProng.

    October 5, 2006

    TPN Rock’s Accident Mash #2 Now Live

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    Wow. Just wow. One of the few things that I did want to do at Ontario was block out some time with CC Chapman to record a second TPN Rock Accident Mash, where we take our respective shows, and mash them together in an orgy of chat, bitching and rock. And you know what? We never managed it. Sure we sat on panels, and booked time at various recording pods around the Expo, but could we ever get in sync? Nope. But would that stop us? Heck, no!

    Accident TPN Rock Has Banner

    So it was time to put the thinking caps on, and the end result (go on, hit play in the Flash mp3 below), given that CC was in Boston and I was in Edinburgh, and I refused to use the standard Skype interview route, has come out amazingly well IMO. Straight Skype is great for tech interviews, but a music show needs crystal clarity from all sides. So something more was needed. Listening to the final edit on the show, I think I earned the producer credit (and we do explain the MacGyvering in the show).

    Go enjoy. It’s 80 minutes of fun. Then tell CC and I what you think.

    The Rock Show on The Podcast Network - RSS Feed

    September 14, 2006

    Slowly, Slowly, Catch the Monkey

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    A little heads up on some TPN news: A big welcome to Scott and Carmen, the lovable team behind the Machelp from Maui podcast. They’re now, finally, part of The Podcast Network and producing our Mac Podcast. We’re in the process of moving them over to TPN right now.

    It’s also great to have two of our music shows back from a summer hiatus - both The Late Night Blues and Jazz Hangout, and The Jazz Show have been sorely missed from my Minidisc (yeah, yeah, I like them, sue me) and while they have radically differnet styles, I love them both.

    September 8, 2006

    TPN Rock, Well, Rocks!

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    …and today more than ever. There are some shows that just seem to click. The shows that you would put on a demo reel (there’s yet another out of date term in the music industry). It just oozes fun!

    If you;re not on the feed yet (why not?) then slap play, and groove away!

    TPN Rock: The Friday Rock Show - RSS Feed

    September 1, 2006

    Denmark, Here I Come

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    Wasn’t really going to blog about the long weekend to Denmark (leaving in a few hours) but my visit seems to have caused a stir in Copenhagen. I’ll be attending a bloggers brunch tomorrow (Saturday) at 11am, Café Elvira on Østerfælled Torv 24-26, København Ø. Love the name, BTW. Henriette’s organising my attendance, and I;ve been told a little speech / presentation might be needed from me. In which case I’ll ask you (the audience) which area you want to talk about.

    To Denmark!!!

    (and through Airport ’security’ check in… Will let you know how that goes…)