Didiom - Cool Music, Nice Little Idea, Can It Get Traction?

I get a fair few companies pointed out to me either in person, via SS, or sometimes over direct IM (If you’re looking to show me something my contact details are here). And when those projects are pointed out by close friends I tend to giv e them more than a casual glance. So when […]

Brothers in Kilts in Austin

Today’s ‘Mantra of the Day’ over on the SXSW Interactive website is…
Brothers in kilts.
Whoever could they mean?

(Thanks to Des Walsh for the heads up).

Best Buy To Use Mix, an Internal Twitter-like Service

Sometimes you really can’t see the forest from the trees, and it takes someone like Laura ‘Pistachio’ Fitton to point out the changes in the real world that make an actual difference, as opposed to driving extra traffic to a silicon valley start-up.
In summary, US company Best Buy is launching an internal Twitter like environment […]

Posts I Love - #563, Tom Morris

In all the web remixing, hacking culture, and general tinkering we do, I just love seeing posts like this one from Tom Morris…

…just testing something. He-heh. Even if it is nothing special, there’s something nice about seeing that sort of post.

Legal Music Online? What If I Can’t Find It?

Dear BPI,
I’ve not recieved one of your lovely letters, but I would like to hear an answer to a point I have regarding music online. What if I can’t find a music track or album online?
I’m sure you’re familiar with artists who don’t appear electroncially, such as The Beatles, or do not wish to appear […]

The 3G iPhone is not $199

Let’s get the maths straight here…
3G iphone, 8gb… $199
Data plan: $30/month (up from $10 a month)
Voice plan: $39/month
…and that’s every month…
($30 + $39) x 24 = $1656
Total iPhone 3G price: $1855
More at Mobile Messaging 2.0…

What If Twitter Wants More Money?

It’s late, it’s Friday, so let’s participate in Web 2.0’s favourite parlour game - let’s think up a revenue stream for Twitter!
It surprises me that everyone says that Twitter doesn’t have one. Because it does - a little slice of the pie from every SMS sent and received in the US (and those sent in […]

Perhaps Nobody Voted for Michael Arrington in The Time 100 Poll

Something little cheeky for Friday afternoon methinks.
First of all, in all seriousness, congratulations to Michael Arrington for being in The Time 100 most Influential People list, admittedly as number 100 out of 100 (but do see here). Irrespective of your views of the TechCrunch empire, the fact that the web is seen as a […]

Is Muxtape a Sting Operation Against the RIAA?

‘When you play with fire, you’re gonna get burned.’ Two stories, partly connected were in my feed reader (Bloglines if you must know) and the connections have got me thinking.
The first was the rather inevitable legal move by the RIAA on Project Playlist. That site is where users can upload playlists of their songs to […]

Top Five Mobile Video Publishing Tools

I’ve posted a look at some of the sites that allow video to be posted from your mobile to the web over on All About Symbian. Here’s a quick taster of what I cover in the article. From the streaming side of things there is…
Qik (www.qik.com)
“Look for Qik to continue to iron out bugs and […]

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