My Moo Cards (with photo credits)

Moo Cards

One of the little things that still raises people’s eyes (outside a very small Web 2.0 circle), are the small business cards that I use a lot of the time. These are from the lovely people at, and as I went through the pics from the March 2008 trip this year looking for suitable new pictures, I realised Moo Cards are missing one thing. Attribution. So in a bid to credit the people who have somehow taken above average pictures of me; and to give the collectors out there a ready reckoner, here are my current and older Moo Cards and where you can find the originals…

The ‘Business-lite’ Card

Avatar and Moniker

Website tag-line by Ewan Spence, Avatar by Chris Doyle (Reasonably Clever)

The South by Southwest Set

Pondering in Paris, by Joi Ito

Le Web 2007, by Joi Ito (Flickr)

Magnolia’s by CC Chapman

Social Breakfast at Magnolias, by CC Chapman (Flickr)

Pose, by Zemote

Podcamp Boston, by Zemote (Flickr)

Swirl, by CC Chapman

Podcamp Boston, by CC Chapman (Flickr)

Rocket Man, by Up Your Ego

Hackday London 2007, The Rocket Man, by Up Your Ego (Flickr)


SXSW 2008, by CC Chapman (Flickr)

SXSW Crap pt 2

SXSW 2008, by Christian Payne (Flickr -

Fray Cafe

Fray Cafe, Austin 2008, by Stef Lewandowski (Flickr)

Interviewing Podcast Pickle

BarCamp Austin, 2007, by Eric Skiff (Flickr)

Shotgun Podcaster

Podcasting as a Weapon, by Scott Beale, Laughing Squid (Flickr)

The Rock and Roll Set

Cthulhu Mythos, Etech 2007, by Jeff Kubina

Picture by Jeff Kubina, taken at Emerging Technology, March 2007 (Flickr)

Edinburgh Evening News.

In Pod We Trust, Edinburgh Evening News Jan 2006,

Edinburgh Evening News

In Pod We Trust, Edinburgh Evening News Jan 2006,

The Unknown Picture

Unknown photograher, taken at Etech, March 2007

Depreciated Cards

These cards are no longer in my Moo Box, but have been used on previous occassions. I guess in some twisted way that makes these collectible…

LeWeb 2006, by Adam Tinworth

Picture by Adam Tinwrth, taken at Le Web, Dec 2006 (Flickr)

Second Life, by Jeremey Vaught

Picture by Jeremey Vaught, taken in Second Life, Oct 2006 (Flickr)

Moo Stickers