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That moment when a 3D games console is a good idea

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

One of those ‘something in my eye’ stories:

I say I’m “mostly” stereoblind because despite my eyes’ poor grasp of trigonometry, the optical center of my brain seems to work just fine. I discovered this the first time I held a 3DS and played Pilotwings Resort. To be perfectly honest, I really didn’t expect much from the console. But clever readers have already noticed that my sight lines meet at just the right distance for holding a 3DS.

After playing with the depth slider off for a few minutes, I slid it up out of sheer curiosity and saw something I had never seen in my life: a third dimension.

Not only was I “seeing into the screen” the way so many others feel when playing a 3DS for the first time, I was seeing in a direction that had previously been literally invisible to me.

It’s April 1st, and there’s a 3D release of ‘Bat Out Of Hell’

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Fact or fool?

Almost 40 years since it’s release in 1977, the seminal album is still 4th in the biggest selling charts, having sold more than 45 million copies and continues to sell around 200,000 copies each year. Bat Out Of Hell is Meat Loaf’s second album and the one that propelled him to global fame. His first collaboration with composer Jim Steinman, this operatic masterpiece enthralled audiences on its release with its vocal theatrics and groundbreaking videos… The album will be repackaged with a Collector’s Edition 3D cover.

This is why George Lucas isn’t getting any more toys.

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Looks like he’s given up on the current generation and attempting to snare the kids with Jar-Jar.