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Jim “Duke Nukem” Redner tells us when blacklisting isn’t blacklisting

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

You might recall he tweeted last week around the poor Duke Nukem Forever reviews that he was blacklisting “bad” reviewers, with the implicity nudge that “good” reviewers would be okay. He’s spoken about it, in depth, to Wired (who I suspect are in the “good” reviewers pile:

[publishers] reserve the right to pick and choose who they want to send their game too, just like writers have the right to publish a review in any manner they choose…. I personally have sent first person shooter games to one editor knowing that he likes FPS games, but then not sent him a copy of a game based on our national pastime because I know he finds baseball boring. That’s not blacklisting. It’s a selection process.”

He is right, strictly speaking that’s not blacklisting… but it sure sounds like skewing the reviewers and the editorial process to get a good score by dictating which reviewer in a publication gets the review code. And then talks about deciding on review code by what it will do to the metacritic score.
Greylisting then?