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The Next Microsoft is hired by Microsoft

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Last year Andrew Kim decided to re-imagine all of Microsoft’s branding as a project for his portfolio. The Next Microsoft went viral, and Kim had his calling card. Today he announced that he’s picked up a job… with Microsoft’s XBox team.

Let’s meet up at BlogWorld New York

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

At least I got a little break from the travelling.

With the Eurovision Song Contest now over for another year (you can find a list of all the Eurovision coverage I contributed to here) it’s time to hit the road again and seek out some new challenges and ideas. And the best place for that sort of recharge, frankly, is in the company of lots of creative bloggers, writers, podcasters and entrepreneurs.

Thankfully just such an even is happening next week, albeit in New York. Yes, it’s the first BlogWorld to take place on the East Coast, and I’ll be over there, kilt in flow, filofax in hand, and brain fully engaged to listen and talk!

If you want to get in touch with me, in the first instance use SMS! I cannot guarantee instant access to email, Twitter DM’s, Facebook messages or similar ideas while travelling. If you want to meet up or get in touch text me on +44 7966 152772. I may reply from that number, or a temporary US number, but I will reply.

That told, what am I on the lookout for?

I’d really like to get to grips on another strong project which involves a mix of blogging, media production, and some "social web outreach" (see what I avoided there?). Whether that’s implementing the whole thing (and my Eurovision website is a great portfolio there, it launched in Oct 2010), or as part of a team to deliver content (various examples on request).

Or if there’s something crazy that needs someone on point, that’ll do nicely as well. Mailing in advance would be a smart idea.

Oh and right now, this is what I look like. Find me in the halls and say hi!

A recent picture of me

(Disclosure: I’m writing a number of podcast articles over on the BlogWorld website, and as part of that deal, my expenses for attending the conference are being covered by the organisers).