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Gerry Rafferty sang “take the money and run”, but where’s the money in music today?

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

I’ve spent this week talking to music labels (three, to be exact, none of which would allow attribution for anything that they said), previously-huge artists and those who one day will be. My  goal was to find out how artists were finding ways to make money in an era where digital piracy is rampant. As many people as you’ll talk to, that’s how many different stories that you’ll find. But some of the people who would allow themselves to be quoted had some great insight and we’ll talk about that here.

The Next Web talks to a Steve Lawson about music in the 21st century. Fun reading.

Dear movie industry, have you learned from Napster?

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Bill Wyman (no, of NPR, not the Stones) lays it al out in depth over on Slate.

The trouble facing the movie industry right now is the same one the music industry had to confront 10 years ago. This is the summing-up sentence I referred to above.The easiest and most convenient way to see the movies or TV shows you want is to get them illegally… Again, to belabor the obvious: The illegal version isn’t just free. It’s better.

Update: This is really a "blog post to which the answer is no", but Tom Sizemore points out on Twitter the new coalition called Creative America. I think I can bold that "no" with that link.