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Apple developers given little choice but to deploy iOS 7 updates

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

Over on Forbes, I’ve taken a look at the opportunity presented to iOS developers with the new UI changes in System 7 iOS 7:

Technically they’ve avoided doing a compatibly break with the code base, but for any iOS application to stay relevant it’s going to have to be re-coded for the new UI. Because of that process these apps will look fresh and new to everyone using the. There will be some hold-out applications, but in the main the top tier applications that everyone will be exposed to will all have been updated in the six months leading up to Christmas.

Tim Cook has led not just a refresh of the iOS platform through the new UI, but it forces all the third party applications to update their apps ahead of the presumed launch of the iPhone 6 at the end of September.

Well played, Cook.

Apple get set for Mr “Need an Extended Warranty?”

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

You know those scenes where a robot gets conflicting inputs, spins on the spot, and has smoke coming out of their ears?

Tim Cook hires head of Dixons to mastermind the Apple Stores.

Tim Cook is the unique part of Apple, not Steve Jobs

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

It’s the Jobs side of the equation that Apple’s rivals — phone, tablet, laptop, whatever — are able to copy. Thus the patents and the lawsuits. Design is copyable. But the Cook side of things — Apple’s economy of scale advantage — cannot be copied by any company with a complex product lineup. How could Dell, for example, possibly copy Apple’s operations when they currently classify “Design & Performance” and “Thin & Powerful” as separate laptop categories

John Gruber nails it.