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Agreeing with the Album of the Year critics

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

Perhaps I’m just paying a little bit more attention this year, but as I skim through the numerous "Albums of the Year" posts coming up from music critics, stores, and blogs, I’m seeing a lot of albums and bands that I picked up on during the year through recommendations, bumping into them at music festivals, or simply by working the beat and hitting the internet to find the music for the weekly Rock Show podcast.

NPR’s list looks incredibly mainstream (and I think it’s fair to say that I’m far from mainstream in my tastes), but there’s The Civil Wars’ Barton Hollow at #16.

Spin’s list have Rock Show alumni Deer Tick’s album Divine Providence.

How about Amazon’s Best Albums of 2011? Well, Barton Hollow is there at #5, but I’ve matches also with Sondre Lerche‘s self titled album (#49), The Naked and Famous (#57), Portugal The Man (#69), and Darwin Deez (#99). They’ve all been on The Rock Show this year, and I’ve previously featured bands like Noah and the Whale, and Admiral Fallow who also feature.

As for my Top Ten albums of the year? Bear with me, and I’ll post them during the week.

Why the recent Top Twelve Hottest Geeks has me hot under the collar

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Just before I packed up and left Vegas, I came across a post from Manolith about "The Top Twelve Hottest Geek Girls." Look I know it’s a bit of fun, but something about it left me a little cold. Do we really need lists like this? With all the talk about getting more women involved in technology across the board, from the speaker list and delegates at tech conferences to the take-up of sciences in schools and universities, is it any wonder that articles like this one are not helping?

And then my opinion swings the other way to point out the underbelly of reality. Given the competitive nature of blogging it’s probably only natural that other factors are going into play. Let’s be honest if you took an empty room and put Robert Scoble at one end and Pete Cashmore at the other there’s going to be a bias towards the Scottish half of the room.

Blogging and online writing is as much a performance art as it is journalism and hard facts. One of the analogies I heard at Blogworld (if it’s yours please let me know) was comparing bloggers to musicians. There are a few Stings and Madonnas out there, who will sit at the top of the tree with a dumper truck of income. But below them there are countless thousands of session musicians who might never get rock star name recognition; but are known in the industry, do solid work, and can make a living from their work. Making the jump from session to star requires a lot of dedication, some luck and using everything at your disposable – even if some of those methods are a touch underhand or not based on your writing.

Online is no different to a newsroom, casting session or politics. Not everyone can make the jump. There’s not enough space in the public conscious or in these eye candy lists. After all, there’s a reason I prefer audio podcasting…

One final thought: I hope that Manolith will put together a "Top Twleve Smokin’ Geek Boys"

Hot or 2.0?

My “Five To Watch” in Tonight’s Eurovision Semi-Final

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Take note, not the five that are the best and likely to qualify, but the five that have the entertainment factor. The short list is:

Ireland, Serbia, Greece, Ukraine and the Netherlands

For the full reasons why, and the preview videos, head over to my article at The Stage.

And one last minute addition to this, having seen the final dress rehearsal is host Andrey Malahov’s new hairstyle. It’s like… well… an entire canister of Harmony Hairspray and then the application of a finger into an electric socket…

The Cancer Causing Daily Mail List

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

How could I fail to link to The Daily Dust’s Top 20 List of things that cause cancer, as decreed by The Daily Mail.

Yes if you’re a fan of Facebook, wine, chips, mouthwash, talcum powder, red meat or catch a cold, well you’d better watch out.

And all of these are before I glance at (the sadly no longer updated) Daily Mail Oncological Ontology Project!

What The Rest Of The Internet Has Been Reading

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Just finished the weekly stats over on The Daily Dust to get the top stories of the week on the UK’s newest online newspaper, and it’s not that surprising that Doctor Who dominates the traffic and the top five read stories…

Of course “T’Dust’ has buckets of content every day, all UK news, with little doom and gloom (there’s enough of that out there already), and I really should sit down and write a full blog post about my involvement in it. But that’s for another time, I think.