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twitter marketer jackJack Dorsey has been tapped to be the interim CEO of the troubled Twitter replacing outgoing CEO Dick Costolo. Costolo is resigning after only a brief time at the helm of Twitter. Months of disappointment to investors have prompted the change. Dorsey is coming in from Square, which he leaves with a solid track record of success. The question for everyone is whether Twitter faces realistic expectations from its investors, and can it play catch-up with the giants?


The little bird that keeps refusing to leave the nest

Twitter hasn’t been a disappointment to just investors, during its first heady years it captured the imagination of just about everyone. It promised a fast and easy way to send mass communications across global networks that could revolutionize how we do business like this company for SEO in Winnipeg, experience world events and socialize. News reporting has caught on to a degree, but not in the high monied markets of the West. Socialization on Twitter still remains the realm of hipsters, and it is mostly a communication forum for links to longer articles on better networks – such as its once rival, Facebook. With one billion users, Facebook has stepped far beyond Twitter’s reach.


What can Dorsey do?

With Twitter stock having plummeted another 35 percent in recent months it looks like it may take a miracle to make the company a contender again. Then again, with Dorsey at the helm, the solution may prove to be easier. As all of the industry experts point out the main failing of Twitter is it failed to integrate user experience. It tried through a failed adoption of video and multimedia, but that could be revisited. Dorsey’s experience with Square has shown that he can combine several aspects under one social network media and retain a viable business structure. The Square market has grown greatly under his lead and it now considered to be a merchant option for anchor stores as well as food market vendors and SEO providers.


twitter logoWhat is the demographic for Twitter?

One of the issues that Dorsey faces is that the potential demographic for Twitter has muddied greatly under Costolo. While it is strong with the hipster crowd, the millennials and baby boomers have drifted away. It remains a go-to with a broad appeal when there is breaking news events, and that can be capitalized. One thing for certain, the worst thing he could do is keep everything has it is. Twitter has started to fall so fast it won’t take much change to create an upswing. Whether or not that upswing can translate into a long term rise is the challenge for Dorsey.

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